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gardenImagine choosing from 100s of hearty northern grown annuals, perennials, shrubs, shade trees, and ground clover. TOWN ‘N COUNTRY, one of the largest garden centers in the area, has stocked literally thousands of plants and trees for over 50 years.t_garden

Buy Local, Support Your Friends and Community…

All of our nursery stock is grown in our Zone 5, so you can be assured that it is hardy to our area. Our plants are hand picked by Scott. When they arrive, they’re always in great condition, or we would refuse them before they were placed on our truck. Be aware of retailers that offer plants seasonally, setting up a garden center in the parking lot. These are not ideal conditions for plants. Also, mail-order plants can easily be damaged in shipping, or if there is a delay in shipping they can easily be diseased or die. Plants can suffer from the stress of mishandling. What may seem like a bargain may not be in the long run, as you may wait a long time to see growth or bloom.

All our plant materials, including perennials and roses, are already potted and well established plants when we get them. We do not take chances on plants being damaged by overheating, freezing, dryness, or neglect by inexperienced growers or handlers. We, as a dedicated garden center, are designed for long-term care of plants.

Outdoor Living AreaAs the season progresses, this can make a big difference in quality. We are not afraid to sell you a plant that we have had for a while. You only have to look at plants elsewhere on a shelf and you can see the difference. We have been in business for over 50 years. Our growers know that when we purchase plant materials for our customers they have to be top quality.

We will guarantee that you will see the difference in our plant material when you compare it to the big chain garden centers. We have created a “personal touch” in our business that just could not happen with the big guys. We specialize in quality nursery and landscape materials.

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