How To Clean Garden Tools For Winter

Photo by Pleuntje

Photo by Pleuntje

Do you know how to clean, oil, and sharpen your garden tools for winter? Taking a little time now before to care for your garden tools at the end of the season can increase their life for years to come. The following tips will help you move into high gear early next spring.

Gas Powered Tools

Make sure all gas is used or add a stabilizer to it. You can also place a few drops of oil in the spark plug hole and crank it a couple times to lubricate inside. Clean debris from underside of mower deck and weed eater.

Hand Powered Tools

Clean hand tools by soaking and using a wire brush to get dirt off shovels, spades, forks, and planters, let them dry. When finished, wipe down metal blades and hinges with an oily cloth to protect them from corrosion. If necessary, sand wooden handles lightly and reseal them with a protective sealer such as linseed oil.

Liquid Tools

Place all pesticides and liquid fertilizers in a locked cabinet out of the cold to prevent freezing.

Water Tools

Disconnect and drain water from hoses and store for the winter. If you  have a sprinkler system you should contact a professional for proper winterization.

This takes a little time but it’s worth it. When spring comes you’ll be ready to jump right back into gardening.

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