How To Protect Plants From Frost

Frosted FlowersYou’ve worked so hard at keeping your flowers alive all summer to now gambling with the weather. Today we’ll give you some pointers for the best ways to protect your plants from frost in the fall so they last a little while longer.

I know.. this is debatable as some people are ready to be done with their outdoor flowers and move plants inside while many others still want to enjoy them as late into the season as possible.

Yesterday we shared how to take care of your Mums in the fall and the good news is that most garden mums can withstand a light fall frost. The same goes for many other established flowers but tender plants need protection from frost in order to survive.

Take the following advice for protecting your plants in the fall or spring and get creative with building your own protection.

3 Simple Ways To Protect Flowers and Plants From Frost

Cardboard Box

Cut the bottom out of the box and tape together the flaps on top. Next cut along three sides of the top to create a hinged lid. Now you can place the box over the plant and keep the lid open during the day and closed at night.

Staked Frost Cover

Place for stakes around that are 3-6 inches taller than the plant. Now you can drape over a frost cover, burlap or an old blanket.

Warning: Make sure the cover does not come in contact with the foliage or the freezing temperatures will still damage the leaves.

Patio Chair

If all else fails or you have a lot of plants to protect, you can use a lawn chair to cover small plants. Place the lawn chair over the plant and then drape your frost cover over the entire chair providing that layer of prection. Remove in the morning.

What have you tried? Share your stories in the comments below.

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