How To Plant Bulbs: Flower Bulb Chart

planting-fall-bulbs-ohioYesterday we shared 5 Tips for Fall Gardening in October to help you get a jump start on your spring flowers in Ohio. We found a great resource to share with you today that provides some additional tips for growing color in the spring.

Planting flower bulbs in the fall is easy to do and is rewarding in the spring. The flower bulb chart below is a nice reference for how deep to plant the different types of bulbs.

image source (

Click to enlarge image source from (


Looking for more pointers? The link below will take you to a resource we found that will provide you with additional information about planting different types of bulbs in the fall, how to plant them, and tips to help ensure they grow in the spring.

You can check this out by visiting and be sure to stop back to leave a comment and tell us what bulbs you will be planting.

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