Winter Time Composting In Ohio Zone 6

Photo by Kristy Hall

Photo by Kristy Hall

Winter time is perfect for composting because you have the benefits of the fall leaves and grass clippings combined. The process takes about 6 months, so if you begin now, your compost will be ready just in time for spring planting. The nutrient-rich compost that comes from paper scraps, leaves, and grass clippings is great for your garden and helps create healthier soil long-term.

Benefits of Composting

Adding compost to your garden helps improve overall soil structure. This means that you if you’ve had problems growing plants or vegetables in the past, it could be a result of poor soil structure to blame. Adding compost also increases nutrient content in the dirt. The decomposition of the materials produces the best fertilizer you’ll ever find.

Now that you have improved your soil structure and increased your nutrient content, your new soil will use less water. By combining organic materials together, heavy soils become better at holding water and more resistant to compaction.

Did you know that compost helps reduce plant diseases and pest problems? By adding compost to your garden or planters, insects are less prone to come in and make a home.

Red Wigglers Thrive In Outdoor Compost Bins

Seeing the worms in the compost surprised many people at first but the benefits they provide are countless when making your own compost.

Composting Leaves Over The Winter

This is a great alternative to bagging leaves and sending them with the garbage man.

Avoid These Composting Materials

Diseased plants, manure, non-recyclable materials, grass clippings with chemicals, pine needles, walnut leaves, weeds, wood chips

Common Composting Materials

Coffee grounds, tea grounds, grass clippings, recyclable paper (newspaper), leaves, garden debris


USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
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